Help! I’m Struggling with my College Essay

senior year is strange and wonderful and it’s something that you look forward to for so long but now that I’m here it almost doesn’t feel real though most exciting part about playing to college is the sense that the future is right there in front of you I’m looking for a place where I can really not feel like learning or talking about politics or world advance or art or books that you like is uncool or geeky the weight of college applications can be a little bit heavy deadlines they become these mythical sort of scary numbers in your head this is the date that will define your life well si it’s kind of like dating where you have to kind of space yourself up I didn’t win first place in the science fair for creating the cure to some incurable disease I didn’t solve world hunger there’s a bit of a pressure to represent a full true picture of who I am as a living breathing human being who will be walking around on their campus my strategy has typically been just to find something that inspires me about the prompt and then you kind of shape it and mold it and edit it to your desire my psyche is a combination of two distinctive personas Jack and Jon Jon is a part-time theatre critic and self-proclaimed intellectual who spends most of his time thinking about climate change if libraries and local coffee shops had frequent flyer miles programs John would have to diamond cards in his wallet jack is the life of the party an on-call counselor for all of his friends as well as a part-time event planner and celebutante though / their unique sensibilities Jack and John are united by their shared passion for art and inspiring change in the world I understand fully that my ambitions are lofty but luckily for me two heads are better than one and i heard i got into both university of pittsburgh and the university of machine i was excited that i had options of having to make a decision i only really looked at school that had engineering department my mom was an engineer and she graduated from the university of michigan for the university of pittsburgh it’s kind of funny because we actually

How to Write a 2 Views PTE Essay with Template

welcome welcome now I’ve been making YouTube videos for a little while now and I’m getting more and more messages like these people are thanking me for my videos because it helped them a little bit in obtaining their score and I just want to say thank you for showing your appreciation and I’m glad I was able to help you a little bit in your success now if you have noticed some of those people were actually able to get 90s insert modules but you know I have never done in my videos I’ve never titled my videos or said in my videos that I’m gonna provide you techniques without guarantee you 90 in any module scores from one module come from all over the place so how can I show you a technique in one module that will get you 90 in that module let’s just keep it real that’s why I always say I provide real teaching real techniques and real results and if you can appreciate that hit that subscribe button and let’s get into this I took a survey last week on YouTube to see which s a template you guys wanted me to demonstrate and two views was to one now keep in mind two views is not actually a common essay question type and Pte that’s more common in the aisles some of you probably just traumatized from the aisles and you’re just consistently writing that two views so what is a common essay question type in the Pte agree to disagree if you have taken the exam before or unfortunately you’ve taken it multiple times if you recall you probably gotta agree or disagree essay question but two views is what we’re gonna do today so we’re gonna take this to the computer and I’ll demonstrate it from the computer screen just keep in mind I’m gonna take this step by step you’re not gonna do it like this on the actual exam because it’s gonna take too long I just want to show you step by step in the thought process how to brainstorm the ideas and how to formulate your sentences but when we get to the actual exam you’re gonna move faster than that because you’ll know the sequence already we won’t be drawing out tables or anything to do the brainstorm all right so let’s get to this is the to use template that we will be working with this is my structured template I also have something called a full template I’ll talk a little bit more about that later now if you want a copy of this template go to my Instagram send me a message and I’ll give you a link to download this you gotta give me some time I might not reply right away okay now this template is not for everyone in order to use this template you will need to be able to write a simple sentence when I say simple I don’t mean easy I just mean subject-verb-object now as you can see there’s not a lot for you to memorize here it’s just for structure this is why it’s called the structure template we are not trying to overreach like we’re writing for the IELTS I am NOT asking you to memorize words that you cannot pronounce or spell and I don’t need you to memorize complex sentence structures that you will never remember so for those of you who do not like to memorize and you feel like you can write a simple sentence we could keep it simple with this for those that cannot I have a solution for that too that would be my fall as a template you will not be required to write simple sentences or phrases by yourself you will need to memorize more but it will make the essay writing much easier however that is only available in my courses on my website now if you have seen the tutorial I made for the agree or disagree structure template they are very similar I try to keep the words the same as much as possible if you have not seen that tutorial I will link it above and place the link in the description as well so here we go okay we’re gonna break this down into three separate steps on the actual exam you will do all of these steps at the same time I want to separate each step for you so you can see the thought process so step one would be the brainstorming step we want to identify the essay topic in order to identify the body topics for the brainstorming now the link to download this document is in the description below if you want to pause and print it out feel free to do so as you already know this is the two views essay question type so there must be two views I’m going to highlight the essay topic and the two views we will need those sentences for the introduction and the conclusion the essay topic is placing advertisements in schools that is what they want us to talk about and there are usually two views on this topic and the first view is a great resource for public schools I’m gonna highlight that for you and there’s usually a second view which is here it what is it it is the same thing as placing advertisements in schools that is the same topic and then here’s the opposite view usually they’re gonna give you opposite views it has to be because there’s two different views and the second sentence is usually the opposite which is the negative but if you didn’t already know that we have the table here for reason on the actual exam you are not drawing out tables the reason we put this here is so you can see it step by step the thought process so we need to identify what position they’re taking in each view for the first view are they talking about something positive neutral or negative they have the work great in here so would that be positive or negative positive right so we’re gonna be talking about positive things in the first sentence sorry the first view the first body the second view what are they talking about usually it’s gonna be negative now this word right here you might not even know what it means but we would just assume it is the negative and we will talk about that now this word actually means to use something or someone for your own personal gain it’s a negative word alright now what we want to do next is to establish the topic sentences however in this essay topic they already gave it to us because they want us to talk about the additional funding right the great source for additional funding and we’ll just go with that and the second one is the exploits children to keep it simple that’s what I will focus on do we have to write about it not necessarily the content itself yeah you write what’s comfortable for you but for me I see this I see that’s the topic that they put out there already so I’m just gonna write about that now similar to the agree or disagree actually not similar it’s exactly the same you’ll see that I always ask the same questions this is how you stay focus and get straight to the point what I mean is we don’t have a lot of time to lose we want to know what questions to ask ourselves so we can answer it right away so we know what to talk about so here for the first body we want to talk about additional funding so how or why does it happen I’m gonna write some keywords down to help me create sentences later I am NOT writing sentences right now so I think why does it happen it’s because they give revenue from ads okay that’s it revenue from ads I’ll create a sentence talking about that later the next question you ask yourself is what is the result either from additional funding or the revenue that’s pretty much the same thing right so what is the result of that I would say they can upgrade school equipment alright and then we go here and we have the example when you write an example in the essay it’s well first of all in PT who’s gonna check it doesn’t have to be real you can write whatever you want I like to write something specific which involves writing a name and one of the easiest ways to think of a name is just think of a place cuz you’re gonna name that place so for me and I’ll just make something up it does not have to be true I’ll say something about schools in Sydney and that is my name right there then I’m gonna make up a sentence talking about Sydney let’s move on to the second body exploits children so users children for their own personal gain how does that happen or why does that happen um what do I want to say maybe the reason why it happens is because children I’m just gonna write keywords children want always wants always wanting poops an ting wanting the latest the latest and the greatest right have you heard that before latest and greatest but I’m I’m done there I know what I wanted right now so what is the result the result of children always wanted the latest is that well who’s gonna buy parents forced I’m not gonna write correct grammar here just to give me an idea basically spend force to spend more money more I just write it with more I know what I want to write now next I can think of another name I want to try to think of another name here but I’ve already used place so maybe I can talk about something else children I will talk about Apple you know why because this is actually their strategy Apple wants to target children to build that brand loyalty I actually I’m just gonna write that for my example that’s it we have the ideas that we want to talk about and now we’re gonna create simple sentences with the ideas that would lead us to step two step two is simple sentences I will now take the notes I made from the brainstorming and create for individual simple sentences for each body there will be a total of eight sentences I will use the subject-verb-object approach to create my sentences but to ensure that I have enough words I’m gonna use adjectives adverbs and prepositions to build on my sentence I will not use any linking words if we do not have enough words at the end then we can create complex compound sentences you can see that I use that technique in the agree or disagree tutorial I also have a separate tutorial teaching you step-by-step how to create complex compound sentences the easy way I will link that below as well now I’m gonna speed up while I write out the sentences you don’t want to hear me talking to myself while I’m doing this or maybe you do now even though I’m speeding this video up this process should not take more than five minutes here we go again done there you have it I have the ace sentences here that I wrote out using the ideas that I thought of and the brainstorming and these sentences are simple sentences I you can actually see my thought process what I’m typing out the sentences I went back and added adjectives I went back and added adverbs I added prepositions just ensure that I grow the sentence a little bit longer than what it really has to be which is subject verb an object three words we can’t write like that so I didn’t link anything it’s still one sentence one verb and once we have the sentences finished we want to move on to the third step and that third step is going to be combine sentences with the template I showed you the template earlier as you can see I have it all typed out for us here I have a tutorial on time management and I talked about how we want to have the essay template written out and ready to go so we can type it first before we start writing the essay that is why I have this typed out first this also should not take us more than five minutes if you have not seen that tutorial yes it will be linked below so since we have the sentences for the body already created I will speed up the video as I cut and paste the sentences into the template on the actual exam you will be typing those sentences here for the first time and after that I will show you what to do with the introduction and the conclusion so here we go okay as you can see apples the only one that I did not change to make a lowercase because that is the name that I wanted to keep so we’ve made that the capital now that we have all of it combined we want to make sure that we are writing in paragraph form so I’m going to combine all of the bloddy sentences well there’s two bodies so we’re gonna make it separate two separate bodies as you can see here and there’s one space between the paragraphs and now let’s bring this up okay so this is the second body and that is done once I have the bodies made into paragraphs is time to finish up the introduction and the conclusion and as you can see here we’re just gonna be paraphrasing well it says I’m sorry not just gonna be we’re not really gonna be writing sentences by ourselves we’re gonna be copy and pasting the sentences in here and then I’ll show you how we can try to paraphrase by just changing some words around but before we do that let’s take a look at this this one I always write the same thing every time so you don’t have to create a new sentence here I would just write this trend will continue to increase in the future do I care if it makes sense hell no so since the sentences are on the same page here I’m gonna copy and paste these sentences here for you first so you can see where I’m getting this from this is the body 1 topic sentence write the body one sentence it’s right here we already wrote that so I’ll copy that and I’ll paste it here I’m gonna make it bold so we remember we’re Lee is and then this is the second body right so the second body is right here and I’ll copy that and I’ll paste it here and I’ll make this bold as well so we remember where it is and we need to pick one of these earlier we said that we’ll write opposite views right ones positive ones negative so let’s just leave it as but but does that really matter nah so now we got a copy and paste the introduction first cuz we need that to do this so let’s go get that first view where is that first view we had it highlighted right here this would be the first view we might not use every single word in here but let’s just get that in there first okay so you can just type out the whole thing first and then decide afterwards so I’m copying this you can type out the whole thing on the exam and then you can decide afterwards and that way we can call it a paraphrase so first right here there are three words you just need to pick one I usually just go with the first I don’t really care just anything as fast as possible let me get rid of these colors so we can see it better so the first sentence is done here and this is the second sentence for height paraphrase means to write something similar so we can just change some words around if you’re not comfortable paraphrasing the entire sentence because they didn’t give you just a simple sentence there’s actually a complex sentence in here as well so here is a word that we can change around instead of placing let’s say posting right we can post adds you heard that right post ads so posting advertisements in schools let’s leave that because if I change it I’ll have to change the preposition let’s say schools they come mom what is another way to say great let’s say excellent and if we say excellent we got to change this word it’s an excellent resource for public schools and let’s change this let’s call it government government if I can just spell it correctly government schools that and then here maybe need additional let’s just call additional extra and there you go i paraphrased the first sentence roughly you know I changed some of the words around so I didn’t copy everything they wrote and then the second one right here it exploits children so earlier i said this word meant like uses right so let’s just do that now this word right here yes we’re talking about children but where are they what are we talking about they are students just change that by a cap by treating them as a captive audience for corporate sponsors this might be tough for you to paraphrase so let’s leave that and change this instead of corporate sponsors let’s just call them businesses okay there you go somewhat of a paraphrase and leave it that’s it we didn’t copy everything that they wrote we wrote some of it and this right here is actually part of the introduction and now if the introduction is done we’re gonna move this up in this essay I will explode both points of views now people often ask me this must be a sin you can’t write I in an essay man that’s an Al Smith even in ours you can write I okay so someone taught it that way and everybody treated like a religion and everybody’s thinking you can’t write I yes you can and especially for PT eat it doesn’t even matter now we have the introduction completed we need to have this sentence right so let’s go get that and this is where we’re gonna try to shorten some things out this is the I’m sorry I’m gonna take it from here some people believe I’m gonna take that entire sentence and I’m gonna paste it down here and yes this is actually just one sentence is just hella long but now it’s time to change some words around alright so even this whole thing I’m gonna make the whole thing bold cuz I want to change some of these words around even here some people let’s call them certain if I could just spell it right certain instead of people let’s call them individuals let’s take this word and say let’s say think okay so certain individuals think posting advertisements in school now if this word right here maybe we don’t want to say posting maybe we say allowing allowing advertisements in schools is an excellent resource for government schools alright so I’m gonna I’m gonna get rid of this right here right here so make the sentence shorter so certain individuals think allowing advertisements in schools is an excellent resource so let’s say here let’s not call the resource that’s called the opportunity opportunity and then for schools let’s just get rid of that I’m trying to make it shorter okay so certain individuals think allowing advertisements in schools is an excellent opportunity for schools while others feel now we can change this to back to belief right this one can be believed that it uses students by treating them as a captive audience for businesses now the rest of the here I’m gonna keep this I’m gonna make this short I’m gonna cut something out so is it users students here I’m gonna cut this entire part out it uses students for business or for for profits something like that and what’s with done with that we’re gonna fix up the last part a little bit as well and and we’re good to go now this right here I’m gonna change it back to government schools something like that I keep spelling government wrong for some reason all right government schools desperate desperately require let’s say strongly need oops I forgot the adverb I say strongly need additional funding let’s just say more funds uh okay and for staff there you go I’m changing the words around instead of companies this is called them businesses often exploit children for their own financial nah you know what instead of financial gain I’m gonna get rid of this word right here for financial purposes and that is it I have paraphrased some of the words around right I changed some of it around and now I’m gonna move it up and put it into the paragraph obviously the last one has to go up as well and there is our completed essay four paragraphs now in a real academic essay you’ll be writing five paragraphs but this is not a real academic essay what do we need how many words do we need let’s take a look and the Pte do we need to write 250 290 300 words hell no you keep it as low as possible to 200 and we have 228 here that’s still a little bit high for my standards if I use the full essay template that I was telling you about I keep it around 210 215 and that’s been enough I know sometimes people say we got a right to 80 to 90 well we only got 20 minutes if you want to give it a try but we never do that and we’ve been doing fine so there you have it that is your complete essay template it’s a structure template most of the writing you did it by yourself but I showed you how to write it as simple as possible one sentence no linking words and we don’t even need to create the complex compound right here because we have enough words and the introduction and the conclusion we didn’t write our own sentences we just took the sentences and changed some words around all right did you think that was helpful drop a like and subscribe now if you want to see more demonstrations like this just leave a comment below with the essay question type that you want me to demonstrate and we can handle it alright so don’t forget to check out my other tutorials and I’ll check y’all on the next one [Music]

LMU M-School // Marketing for Good // Case Study (2016)

you hi I’m Matt steffel i’m andy rome and together we’re mande were the co-directors of the M school program at LMU the M school program at LMU is launching a cutting-edge project called marketing for good over the course of 15 weeks six student teams led by their mentors are going to tackle the not so easy task of make your community better let’s start to brainstorm some ideas start thinking about problems impossible how it comes today start wrapping your heads around somebody this is real real struggles real problems real challenges real successes and real failures this is not spec work your campaign is gonna have to you know result in reaching a target market and you have to feel that you can reach that target market any plan any project has a maximum potential but there’s a twist seven weeks in student teams are gonna present their ideas to a panel of judges led by Michael Dube and founder and CEO of the Dollar Shave Club it’s like apprentice meets Shark Tank what’s gonna happen nobody knows Brett the Dollar Shave Club with Rachel and the rest of the crew and we’re ready to kill it we worked really hard this past weekend to come up with what we think is an amazing idea we’re presenting all of our ideas for the marketing for good project if one person says it’s just a little bit of water it creates a huge movement where everyone is saving just a little and that adds up to a lot making a huge impact 50% of college students report binge drinking so much food is wasted in America every day that we could fill the Rose Bowl stadium gossip can lead to a hostile environment approximately 1,500 students or 1/4 of our population lives right behind the back gates of elm you and students are choosing to drive every day in this area then fight and we need creativity now more than ever I really enjoyed being able to sit there and provide creative and constructive feedback we’re like really excited so I’m gonna be able to execute our project we got to bring these ideas from imagine you know from their imagination into reality so we can start making it active the community [Music] [Applause] [Music]